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Type: A survey about the the kind of product.
e.g. TMT = Lowmid / SUB = Subwoofer / HF-Treiber = Highfrequency driver
Power: Power rating at loudspeakers/ Output power at amplifiers
VC: Voice Coil diameter
Size: The main dimensions of the article. Metric, Inch or HE (RU)

Desired product not listet?

We maintain almost all products from the loudspeaker- & eventsector,
so it's no problem to purchase your favorite product from us.

We would like to make you a complete offer, if you want a big order,
e.g. a complete PA-System.
Please contact us per Contact-Form 

Delivery times & stock rules:

Our usual delivery time is about 3-4 days, as we use no dropshipping,
but we want our articles in stock first.
The delivery time is the time, when the article will leave our warehouse.

Lagerampel no longer available

Lagerampel not at stock, the article will be delivered to us at your order. The given  delivery time is necessary +- 6 days.
Important: If the specified deliverytime is above 6 days, there is no right of rescission, as this product is specially ordered for you . 

Lagerampel please consider the quantity in stock

Lagerampel the article is at stock and may also be picked up at our local store.
If articles at stock should be shipped per express, please contact us before your order, because express-shipping is only on request!

Please consider the product quantity in stock.
If you need a bigger amount as in stock, please use the comment-field at the end of your order
and tell us if you want a partial delivery (extra costs outside of germany),
otherwise leave it empty and the articles will be shipped after they're in stock again.

Search & recommended/suggested products:

Below our products you can find a tab with "Suggested".
These products will be manually added from us per product,
so you can find the proper or possibly further required products.

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